Breaking News ~ water found on Mars, right handers 3-5 foot offshore!

Water, a particularly heavy substance here on earth at 1000kg/cubic meter is in fact much denser on the Red Planet. However, due to the increased gravitational pull of Mars which stems from the planet’s superior mass, the waves found breaking in Mars’ waters peel as fast, or slightly faster, than your typical right-hander here on Earth. (Think small J-Bay at low tide) Photographic evidence has recently emerged of this Martian rider outrunning a 4 foot set wave at a secret point known as “Rover’s”. Thinking of taking a trip to surf the uncrowded waves? Think again. Although the equatorial temperatures can reach a comfortable 20 degrees C at midday, stay out too long during that sundown session and you could find yourself making your way back to your rocket ship in minus 100 degrees C conditions!

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