Sunset Yoga Classes with Milly Dutcher ~¥3500/sesssion

I am a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher via Yoga Alliance.

My Yoga Educational trainings involve Shanti Yoga Enrichment Series, Yoga Power, Rainbow Kids Yoga, AcroYoga Asia, and Waikiki Paddle Board Yoga.

Presently, I am the Ambassador of Rainbow Kids Yoga of Okinawa, Japan. Yin yoga teacher certified. I continue to enrich my personal practice by studying Yoga Aromatherapy Therapy Massage.

I am energetic, enthusiastic, and young-at-heart! I’m the type of person who loves to be on-the-go as much as possible. I regularly organize and support yoga events in Okinawa. Promotion is one of my strengths, and Facebook is my tool of choice for promoting yoga as a lifestyle, organizing events, and supporting my students’ practice. Here are the Facebook profiles I maintain specifically for promoting yoga:

A Yogi Life by Milly at

Midoriyogis at

Yoga Happyheart by Milagros Hill Dutcher at

Yoga is my passion, and I truly love sharing my practice with the Okinawa community.

Milagros Dutcher


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